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I dont usually post much but wanted to get some advice on the purchases I have made for my bridesmaids. I have some of the best bridesmaids ever and wanted to do some really nice things for them to show my appreciation. So far I have made the following purchases and just wanted to get some advice on if it is too much or too little or just not good ideas:

1. I am paying for each of their hair and makeup to get done which is $130 (I know it is technically not considered a gift but I wanted them to feel pampered.

2. I got them each a jewerly item personal to their individual liking, they all really like jewelry or do not own any decent jewelry, this cost $60-80 per girl

3. I made them pearl jewelry for the day (I know this also isn't considered a gift since I want them to wear it on that day but I know that they will each wear it again) ($15.00 each)

4. I made them survival kits ($30 each)

5. I got them tan cluthes ($16 each)

6. Flip flops to change their shoes ($15 each)

7. mugs ($5 each)

8. Tote bags to put all this stuff in, I did not have them personalized because I wanted them to use them again ($15 each)

9. Mini Perfume each in their favorite kinds ($15 each)

10. Pajamas for our girls night the night before ($10 each)

11. day of outfits, they are velour and I know each girl will wear them again ($30 each)

12. I also got my maid of honor an extra item personal for her ($50)

I know a lot of this has to do with the wedding but I am honestly just putting it all together in to a tote bag for them to give them at the rehearsal dinner. Do you think I got enough non-wedding items for each of them? Would you appreciate the gift? I think I am overthinking all this but just wanted to get some opinions.

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