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I just need some quick advice about the ushers.  All the groomsmen are getting tuxes and the dads but I didn't think to ask the ushers to get tuxes.  They are getting boutineers but I thought that they could wear a nice suit.  Would that look bad in pictures or should they have a tux?  I was just wanting to do what's easiest for them but I am not a guy so I don't know what to think. 

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    Is it too late for them to get a tux too? Or ask them if they have a suit they would like to wear. They could also just wear a shirt and tie.  Not a huge deal.
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    I think all of the weddings I've been to ushers have worn tuxes. But if it's too late to get them in tuxes, suits will look smashing. It won't look bad.

    I think this is something you don't need to worry about. If it really bugs you, see if you can get them tuxes, but if not, just forget about it.
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    Our ushers wore tuxes but we paid for them.  IMO, you want ushers in tuxes the bride/groom should pick up the cost.

    Ours was one of the only weddings I've ever attended in which the ushers wore tuxes.  I think suits are just fine.
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    If they're ushers and not GM, I'd just ask them to wear a suit unless your wedding is very formal
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