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happy for my BM

Okay, so one of my BM's just got married 5 weeks ago.  She informed me this week that she is now 5 weeks pregnant!  I am so happy for her, and so totally not suprised knowing her!  All of my girls got to pick the dresses they liked, and out of ALL of them, she is the only one who followed my guidlines, and picked the style I asked for (I asked for cocktail cause my dress is tea length and everyone else picked a long dress).  I can't wait to see her in it, but it is funny...since she is the only one who did what I asked for, she might still be very noticeable for a few reasons now!  Oh well...we will both have different glows that day!  I can't wait to see her and see her belly at my wedding (she lives in a different state and I won't see her til the wedding). Anyway, just thought I would share. 

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    How great!

    One of my BMs had an expanding belly at my wedding too.  We both glowed!
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    Congrats! One of my BM's is trying to get pregnant and I hope she has the same luck as your did!

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    That's great!  How far along will she be at your wedding?  My FSIL just went to a wedding and one of the BMs was due 2 days before the wedding and she was still there standing up with the bride!
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    She will be 4 months along.  And the brat is making me promise not to tell the MOH...she wants to show up with her belly and suprise her!  I don't know if I can keep my mouth shut that long.  I am still so happy for her!
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    Exciting! And props to you for being excited for your friend and not worried about how her pregnancy will reflect on whatever vision you had in mind for BM dresses.
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    No worries there, they all got to pick their own dresses, and she had it in mind when she chose hers.  She got a nice flowy summery dress that will look great on her any time of year, and will move out in front with ease as she gets larger...she did order a size up just incase.  All I have ever told my girls was to get soemthing they could be comfortable in, and hopefully wear again.
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