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Feeling a bit crazy!

I am so sorry that I offended everyone that read the previous post. I meant I am NOT trying to be a bridezilla. I was just venting my frustrations. I thought maybe in the thousands of brides out there, there would just be one person that understands. But honestly why am I looking for comfort and reassurance from people who don't know me at all and have no idea what the situation is. I'm not a horrible person. I NEVER said I wasn't excited about having a nephew. All I receieved in response to the post were negative hurtful things, telling me to get over myself. None of you know this particular situation. So it was my mistake to write something on a wedding website, because in the grand scheme of things, I could care less about what random people have to say about me and their judgments about me. Good luck on all your future weddings!

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