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I only have one absolute best friend. I can talk to her about anything she knows everything about me, we have a good time together, have been through alot know the story. I have 2 kids with my Fiance (twins) and we moved in together 2 years ago and are offically engaged...since all that my lifestyle has drastically changed from hers. She has no responsiblities (no kids, no husbands, etc) She still lives the teenager lifestyle, but she has ALWAYS made time for us, loves my kids as they were her own, we still like to have some girl time together anytime we have the time, that sort thing. the problem is she is a little scattered brained and wishy washy. she wants to be my maid of honor, and i want her to be too because i have no sisters and like i said shes my only close friend i have. the wedding is 3 months away and she hasnt helped me with anything..she will be done with college in august and she says that after that she will have more free time but i think she is just using that as an excuse..she has plenty of time after work and school to help me if she wanted (i think) but she would rather go out with her friends, etc. ive asked her to look online for bridesmaid dress,etc and possibly email me some ideas but ive got nothing. she says shes bad at planning things and i have a feeling that means she isnt looking forward to planning a bridal shower or even a bachelorette party. im worried that she doesnt understand that its not just an honor to be a maid of honor but also kind of a responsibility. i am not trying to sound like a b**** but im just kinda bummed that my only good "friend" is flaking out on one of the most important things in my life. im torn because shes otherwise the best friend ive had! i have 2 cousins that im using as bridesmaids. im hurt because i feel that if the situation were reveresed i would be thrilled to be her maid of honor and up to all the responsiblities?! what should i do??
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