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One of my BMs is stressing my nerves. Her fiance is moving here from another country and they plan to marry, but they dont know the date yet. These plans were in place before I was engaged. I agreed to help her plan, and we looked at a few things. but it is hard to plan without a hard fast date. So we were waiting for a final date to start really making arrangements.

Fast foward, I am now engaged, and have been planning my day in my head since I was born I am sure. I have a date, and it was a year out.  Of course I asked her to be one of my bridesmaids, but I am starting to feel lke she is getting anxious about her own situation, and projecting on me. Things that I see/feel/sense:

1. She has been married before and had a big wedding, so hers will be small. I have been married before, but didnt have a wedding at all, and my fiance and I want our big day. So she is critizing what we are spending, (which will end up being about $9-10,000 and some of it will be gifted) and is basically trying to make me feel bad when she sees me making plans ( she works with me as well). I have been the quietest bride known to man just because of this very thing.

2. Anyone that knows me, knows that I love Victoria Secret. She showed me a Victoria Secret Bag Cake randomly one day, and I after I got engaged, I instantly knew I wanted it for my bridal shower. I have a million VS bags so my thought was to use them as decor and have the cake. Well, now she is telling my MOH that she is mad that she showed me and wants to use it for herself when she had never mentioned it again after she showed me.

3. She keeps telling me things like " I want to tell you this from my heart" about decisions I am making and making me feel like I need to second guess myself..

  So my question is... What am I going to do ? Am I being crazy? Should I scrap the  VS theme, even though I knew I wanted to do a VS theme all along?? Why does weddings bring out the worst in people?

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