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Hmmmm What to get my girls?! .........

Okay, I'm a little on the stuck side, I'm not sure what to get all my girls for gifts!
Here is the kicker! ..... I have 2 maid of honor's (ages 20 & 26), 4 bridesmaids Ages (24 - 28), 2 Jr bridesmaids (ages 14 & 15), and 1 flower girl (age 11).

I already got them each matching tote bags, which have the name's embroidered on. They are really nice bags, and big! ...

I'm not sure what to give them! I heard tissues, & chap stick were a really good idea!

How I was going to give them the gifts .. (let me know if this is dumb) .. but we are all staying in a hotel, & they were going to let me go in to the girl's room and I was going to lay out their gifts on the bed, so it will be a nice surprise when they walk in! ....

So ... Help! 
1 ~ What do i get my girls as gifts?
2~ is the hotel surprise thing dumb or good?

Thank you all for you help!! I do really need it! Smile

Re: Hmmmm What to get my girls?! .........

  • Shop for them as if it was their birthday.  You can get different gifts for different people.  They do not (and should not IMO)  have to be wedding related.

    Is there a reason you would give tissues?  I find that slightly odd. 

    I like the hotel idea.  It's a nice surprise.
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  • Shop for each as if it was her birthday, giving something that matches her style and preferences, hobbies, whatever.  Anything to use for the wedding isn't really a gift -  it's something to for their bridesmaid's uniform, so to speak. 

    For my MOH and bridesmaids, since they all like handbags, I gave each a bag that matched their style and paired it with an accessory that suited each of my friend's individually (one got a scarf, one got a set of hair pins, one got a pair of earrings, etc.)  I did give them each a necklace and bracelet (although in different styles) for the wedding, but I didn't give it as part of their gift.   

    I gave the gifts to them at the end of the rehearsal dinner, but you can give them to them whenever you think would be best.

    Hope this helps! 

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    Agree, shop for each one individually.  Don't suck into giving them a tote bag full of stuff.  There have been polls on here about worst BM gifts and that is always at the top.  Always.

    Put something in the bag that is individual to each girl.  The wedding industry wants you to give them matching gifts because the wedding industry sells those things.  Whether it is wine, books, tickets to an event, etc - think of what each person would like and go that route.

    ETA:  anything you require them to wear for the wedding (like jewelry) is not a gift.  It is a prop for the wedding.
  • I am no help about what to get your girls as I don't know either.  But I think the idea of leaving them in their hotel for them is adorable!
  • WOW! So many great ideas & suggestions!

    You all really helped me! Thank you soo much ladies!! ...

    I'm shopping for them as if it were their Birthdays! ... And thank you for letting me know that jewelry & things you want them to wear at the wedding isn't a gift!!

    The reason for tissues Cynthia1207, is ..... I have no idea! Someone suggested it to me! haha!! ...

    And no chap stick or tissues! ~ RetreadBride!!

    Thank you all again! I really do apperciate all your help!

    Good luck to all the girls who are waiting/planning their big day! And congrates to the ladies who are all ready married!
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