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Variant Bridesmaid sizes

Hi Everyone;

I am still working on getting a venue for my wedding but think we have it narrowed down now. I found a place that has a catholic wedding chapel (for my family) a beatiful ballroom (for me), a hotel attached (for the crazy guests) and is in the right price range (for my fiance). With that being said I think I want the theme to be vintage glamorous and have found the bridesmaid style dress I would like, (, but I am worried about the variant sizes of my bridesmaids. My MOH is a bit heavy, my fiances two sisters are skinny as rails and both almost 6' tall and my other bridesmaid has a small chest, long torso and bigger legs. I want everyone to wear the same dress and thought the one I found would be flattering to most of their shapes but am worried they wont like them. I really like that style because it is vintage and also is higher waisted to flatter my MOH. Should I pick other styles that I like from other companies and have them help me choose what they like best? Also, my MOH lives about 1500 miles away and cannot help me make this decision, so I will be relying on my fiances two model figured sisters to help choose! Oh man, see why I need help!

Thanks so much knotties! You have been a huge help so far and I appreciate any advice you have now.


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