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Please advise, I think i'm going crazy....

Hello Everyone, I just recently became engaged on October 9th and we have set a date of October 27th 2012.  While this allows a lot of time for planning and allowing things to flow, I'm freaking out about the wedding party.  My fi has already discussed, talked and asked his gentlemen to stand up with him during the ceremony.  While I am having difficulty choosing who I want.  This is a second marriage for both of us so I think I may be looking into things a bit to much.  (the first wedding was planned and done in 2 months)

So I have it down to the three girls I want to ask, my dilemma is I'm conflicting on who I want to ask as my MOH.  These three girls are the same three girls that were in my first wedding.  I feel that my previous MOH will be upset if I ask her to be a bridesmaid in my upcoming wedding. I do not want her to feel as if this situation is a reflection of our friendship. 

Is it considered rude in any way to have the same wedding party in a second wedding with changing roles?  EX: MOH now being asked to be a bridesmaid and vice versa.

I know this is confusing so please ask me if you have any questions.  :)  ANY advice is appreciated!  Thank you in advance.
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