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gifts at rehearsal dinner

So I finished shopping for my bridesmaids gifts yesterday, but my wedding isn't until July.  Are the gifts always given out at the rehearsal dinner, or can I just surprise them with the presents whenever?  I'd love to give them out sooner, but would feel bad not having anything for them when the groomsmen and parents get their gifts at the dinner.
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    We didn't give our gifts until the morning of the wedding when we were all getting ready.  I think it's tradition to give it the day of or at the rehearsal but if you want to give it to them earlier, I think it would be fine.  
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    If you're giving the GMs their gifts at the RD, I'd wait until then because it can be awkward to be sitting around watching other people open presents.  If you do give them their presents early, maybe give them heartfelt thank you cards at the RD letting them know how much it means to you that they'll be standing up with you.
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    I agree with PPs, but I totally understand, I can't keep my flippin' mouth shut about presents. I get so excited to give them.
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    I would wait. I know it's hard. I had some awesome gifts for mine and I wanted to squeal SO BAD! But I didn't. It's better to wait because everyone's all excited about partying anyway!
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