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Speaking of.. *vent*

people always feeling the dire need to give their two cents about your age... I'm sick of it!!! Today I had my ESL student almost lecture me about how young I am (23) and how I don't need to be getting married. That statistics say this and research says that. How "love" only lasts 5-7 years and then it all starts decreasing. Marriage is to have children and if you're not having children yet, why get married now?? Why bother getting married at all?? It's just a signature! If you live together now, why bother?? Ugh!! I wanted to pull my hair out!!!!

This is also my 50 yr old married student. So I get it. As an older married couple you've been through all the ups and downs of marriage and I honestly appreciate the advice about what it really takes to keep a marriage alive. I can understand the concern. But enough already! I'm sure I might sound like a teenage baby right now, but really.. not everyone is the same. And I'm tired of the judgements. Most of the time, I respond and if they keep going on I just smile and nod. But having this conversation stuck in a one-on-one class was torture. Good lord! And I still have a year left. Well more I'm sure. Once people hear that I'm 24 and married... I doubt it will end. @#*&@#$

Anybody else sick and tired?
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