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So, only one of our six groomsmen have gotten fitted. I asked them to do it three months ago and they still haven't done it. How can I encourage them to get this done asap because its really stressing me out!?

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    They don't need to get this done soon at all.  Your wedding is still a few months away.  Call the place where they need to be fitted and find out the last day that they can get this done.  Have your FI notify the guys of this and let it go. 

    Most of our guys didn't get fitted until about 1 month before the wedding.
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    It's still EXTREMELY early to get tuxes for an August wedding. And there was even less of a need for the guys to get fitted three months ago. They're in no hurry to get fitted because there ISN'T a hurry to get fitted.

    You need to relax. You're going to come across as a gigantic nag if you pester the guys to do this right now, and your FI is going to come across as "whipped" if you get him to nag them about it. Do yourself a favor and don't do any of this. If you're calm and don't bug them about it, they'll get it done.

    Plus, you're turning this into your own personal problem when it absolutely doesn't have to be. Once you've informed the guys of the place to get fitted and the shop's deadline, your responsibility for this is over. Forget about it and take care of something else. You don't have to be in charge of absolutely everything for this wedding.

    What's the absolute worst that could happen? The guys don't get fitted and don't stand up in the wedding ... in which case you cancel their boutonnieres and delete their names from the program if you have time. And if there's no time to do that, so what? You give the boutonnieres to your favorite uncles, you say "Oh something came up" if someone questions you about the program (which is extremely unlikely), and any "extra" bridesmaids can walk solo or pair up with another groomsman and bridesmaid. None of this is a big deal in the slightest.

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      We picked out tuxes about a month ago because we didn't want to have to do it during prom season/prime wedding season and deal with the crowds. Our GM have until 2 weeks before the wedding to get fitted, after that they get a "rush fee" added on. Don't stress about this. You may want to just mention when the deadline is to get fitted (only if they don't know already) and touch on the fact that tux shops will be busy for the next few months so they may want to do it soon to avoid crowds. Do not nag them though. No one likes to be nagged and a lot of times it makes people do things even slower to spite you.
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    We are going with Men's Warehouse and they want all of the guys fitted before October 1 for an October 15th wedding. They have plenty of time. It will get done.
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    Our wedding is June 11 and I guarantee the GMs haven't gotten fitted yet; my FI hasn't gotten fitted yet.

    What would you prefer?  They wait to get fitted while there's still plenty of time, or they get fitted now, lose twenty pounds, and end up in a tux that's way too big?
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    Yea, you gotta let his go. I am getting married in July, NONE of our guys have been fitted, not even all the BMs have gotten their dresses. My FI has barely picked out what he is wearing.

    Ditto PPs, find out the deadline for measuring, give it to the guys and let it go.
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    Don't worry, you have plenty of time.  Our wedding is in August and we were told the guys should get fitted about 4 weeks before the wedding.  The guys might have been in other weddings and know there's no rush.  Don't worry about it until it gets closer.

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    Our tux place (Seno) told us they could get fitted up to two weeks before the wedding. Ours is in July and not everyone is fitted. So take a deep breath and give it a rest for awhile. If July rolls around and they haven't all gotten fitted, then start making phone calls.

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