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Real stories about pre-Bridemaidzillas?

Now, I'm not even engaged yet, so obviously this isn't something I'm dying to know the answer to, but I'm bored waiting for my friend to get home, so I thought I'd ask you guys...
This is the story of a conversation my friends, "Anne" and "Beth" had a year ago...

Anne and Beth got into talking one day, and Beth said, "well, she was my maid of honor for my wedding, so I get to be hers."
Anne came to me, a little upset because she wasn't sure if that was true or not.
I reminded her I wasn't engaged and when I am, I'll hopefully have new friends by then.

I know that bridal parties aren't tit for tat, but do you think it's... weird that Beth would assume I would make her MOH, based on the fact that i was hers? I'm very close to both girls, so I can see how one might assume I would choose one of them, but... it's sorta very weird to me they would call "shotgun" before I'm even in the driver's seat...

Anyway, my question is, have you guys ever had girls get catty because they weren't "the chosen one?" I mean, we read random posts about this, sometimes seeming like MUD, but anyone have anyt real stories to share with me so I know my friends aren't, like, completely out of their minds?

Re: Real stories about pre-Bridemaidzillas?

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    I haven't asked my girls yet, but they're all calling themselves MOH.

    ...I think I'm just not going to name anyone a MOH. That'll learn 'em. Not really, but what it really comes down to is: people get caught up in titles. Two of my girls hate each other, so they get a little nasty about, "Well is she going to be above me, why should she be? What has she ever done for you that I haven't?" It's annoying. I want to step on both of their toes, just because in all of my years of knowing both of them it wasn't until I was engaged that they started with all of the name calling.
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    I have two friends that are like this. They were having conversations about being in my wedding, before I even had the ring on my finger.

    Now, I was in a sorority, so I had the same close group of friends for more or less the last 8 years, and they have all been friends as well. I have no sisters or cousins, and I have one friend that I have grown up with since I was five. She is my "family" and my sister as I see it.

    Now my friends "A" and "B" (we'll call them), live together, as does one of my other bridesmaids, and they always sort of try to steal the spotlight from each other. Both are single, and like to compete for attention.

    Now my life-long friend is married, and I always knew (as did she) that when I got engaged, that she would be my Matron of Honor.

    A and B went back and forth one day about which one deserved the title of Maid of Honor, and why one of them deserved it over the other one. I didn't feel like dealing with the drama, or the pettiness that would ensue, and my life-long friend is therefore my only "honor attendant."

    So, No, your friends are not the only crazy ones, and the two of my friends are still joking around with me ( they call it joking) about how they wouldn't mind if I wanted to add a Maid of Honor if I wanted.

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    My sister "claimed" MOH when we first got engaged.  It was obvious, because she's my only sister, sisters are always MOHs in our family, and she's my closest friend, but it was still a little pushy.

    I was MOH for another friend years ago.  We're still friends, but we're no where near as close as we were back then.  She wasn't a BM at all, and I doubt anyone thought it was odd.  
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    This is why I'm glad I have a sister, it just cut this all short, no one can complain because she is my sister and its expected.
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    This happened to my friend who was also a BM.

    A friend of hers almost through a fit about being a BM.  To this day, I think she's a pretentious wench.
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    One of my friends in HIGH SCHOOL did that.  She didn't say she was my MOH, but she did say, "When you get married, I'm a bridesmaid, right?  I know your sister is MOH, but I'm going to be a bridesmaid, because you're going to be my MOH."  It rubbed me the wrong way even then, because, uh, I was SEVENTEEN and not even thinking about marriage.

    We're not friends anymore, mainly because she was *gasp* pushy and controlling.  And for the record, not a single one of my girls even asked if they were bridesmaids before I asked them (even though most of them should have known they were going to be).  My little sister even said "If you want someone else to be your MOH I'll be a little sad, but I'll understand."  I would never have picked someone else.  I have a lot of girlfriends, but I have only one sister.

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    From the number of posts we get on here asking if a bride has to make a friend a BM just because she was a BM for that friend, it's safe to say that there definitely are people who think weddings are tit for tat. Your friend is obviously one of them.
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    A high school friend and I were both BMs for a mutual friend's wedding a couple years ago, but the friend was a total bridesmaidzilla.  She actually convinced the bride to not include a friend in the WP that the BM didn't like and was really pushy with all the details about the wedding!  When the bride went dress shopping with her parents, the friend had the gall to say that she was disappointed that she and I didn't get to go along!  If she had wanted us along, I would have been thrilled and had tons of fun, but I certainly wasn't expecting it!  The friend eventually got a jealousy complex because her (now) ex-BF hadn't proposed after 4 years while the bride got engaged after less than 1 year and she dropped out.  This was after she sent a nasty e-mail to the bride criticising everything about her relationship and wedding.  It was a big to-do and pretty rediculous!  But, the bride and I are still best friends and neither of us talk to the other friend anymore (me because of something un-related to that wedding).  We're both pretty okay with having her negative energy out of our lives.

    It's amazing how people seem to change when weddings come around.  Actually, it's probably not about the weddings, but more that they were always like that, but the wedding was just more of a "last straw" type of deal for some people.
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