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Bridesmaid fustration

Hey Ladies, looking for some advice. Im standing in my best friends wedding. I am a bridesmaid. There are 3 other bridesmaids & a MOH. The MOH is helping out as much as she can, but works full time & has 2 kids. The three others have done NOTHING. I am a new mom & I am busting my ass. Im NOT trying to complain. I don't mind helping out, but I would really like it if some other girls would make some sort of an effort. Should I step back & let others try to make the effort instead of just taking it all on myself? I might be kind of a control freak lol. The other bridesmaids aren't even coming to the bachelorette party!!!!

Re: Bridesmaid fustration

  • What exactly are you doing that no one is helping with? I think it's graciuos that you are helping, but it's not required, and you shouldn't feel like you have to.  If you want to help, which it sounds like you do, only do what you can. Don't spend more time, money or stress then you can afford. If the others aren't helping, that's fine.  Just like you, they are only supposed to buy a dress and be there for the bride on the big day. If they can help with any planning, parties or what not that's awesome, if not it's nothing to stress over.
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  • None of the bridesmaids/MOH are obligated to do anything for the bride other than buy their dress and show up for the wedding.  If you have volunteered to help the bride out with other projects, that's very generous of you, but if you're feeling overwhelmed, it's time to tell the bride you don't have the time/energy for any more wedding stuff.  She'll live if she doesn't have a shower or bachelorette.  
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  • I would hope that you're helping because you genuinely want to, not because you feel some weird obligation as Bridesmaid to Bride.  Anything you, or any of the other attendants, do is above and beyond.  If you find that you don't have the time, energy, or resources to do wedding stuff, don't.  It's the couple's job to plan the wedding, or to hire help or scale back if they come up short, none of that responsibility falls on you or any of the other attendants.
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  • If you want to work on it then that is you making that decision. The others are not required to help out. The only thing you guys absolutely have to do is buy a dress and show up on time and presentable. Other then that everything is extra. If you feel like you have taken on too much then tell the bride
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