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Best Man NOT able to make it to our wedding... :'(

We are 3 weeks out and just found out that 1 of the 2 Best Man's (FI BEST friend since he was 5) can't make it to the wedding.  His BM signed up for the Air Force a month after we got engaged and left shortly after.  He was scheduled to have leave the week of our wedding but it got pushed back (his graduation date of this part of his training is the day of the wedding).   Were super bummed, but completely understand as its out of his control.  And we know how upset he is that he can't make it.  I just feel so bad for my FI as one of his best friends will not be able to be there with him. FI also decided that he does not want to replace him, so the other BM will walk both my Matron & Maid of Honor down the isle together.  My mother is having a fit about this as it will look "off" but FI wants to show he is "down" one man. BUT his BM that can't make it will either be Skyping in for his speech, or sending us a tape for us to listen to. - We'll probably do this alone or with the WP if he sends a tape.

Re: Best Man NOT able to make it to our wedding... :'(

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    My FI is having his twin brothers as his best men, my sister will be my MOH, both brothers will be walking my sister down the aisle.

    Twin Sandwich!  HAHA!  I think it's a great idea!
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    I'm sorry to hear your FI's best friend won't be able to make it to the of the many sacricfices members of the armed services make in the name of service to our country is missing stuff back home, sadly.

    Kudos to you and FI for not replacing the best man who can't make it. There's no need to and really, why would you want to tell someone they're replaceable anyway? ;-) The wedding will go on and those 2 lucky ladies will get to be escorted by the other Best Man. Nothing wrong with that! 

    We had 3 guys and 4 girls and one of the guys walked out with 2 ladies and all was good. Nothing looked "off."
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    I think it is awesome that he isn't replacing him. I would also still list him in the  program. If your mother says anything else just simply say "I guess our friends are not as replaceable as yours." and change the subject.

    This may happen with my brother (bridal escort) and our friend (Best Man). Hopefully it does not. I'm glad that you aren't like some people though! Some would be pissed off at the guy and replace him. Bad Karma...
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    My MIL also thought it would look "off" and we just told her that it would be fine.  And it was.  And she said nothing of it at the wedding or after, which is huge because she's the type who would have said something.

    Keep doing what you're doing and you'll be fine.
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    One of my SIL's brothers was in Afghanistan on wedding day.  He sent an email to the other brother to read at the reception.  It was very, very moving.

    I'm sorry your FI's friend can't make it.  List him in the program as Joe Jones, Honorary Best Man, serving our country in the Air Force.

    And your mom comes from a different generation (well, okay, mine) where symmetry ruled all.  Show her some photos of asymmetrical WPs.  Tell her another mom says it's fine.  =)

    GL, and thank your friend for serving.
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    Thank you!! I'm glad that other brides are with me and my soon to me hubby that it wont look off.  My mom is a little bit of a stress freak when it comes down to the wedding planning, where I have been much more relaxed - I always say "As long as both D & I show up and say I do, everything else will fall into place". =)

    We are planning on still putting him in the program as "Honorary" as he is still my FI "Best Man", just unable to be there with us.   We are so proud of him and completely understand that he would love to be there for us, but is unable to due to circumstances out of his control.
    Thanks ladies!!
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