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So I have a bit of a dilemma...I have two best friends that I have always expected would both be my maids of honor when I get married, both of them helped organize the actual proposal with my fiance and were at my engagement dinner.

Problem is, I also have a cousin I was close to growing up and I was the maid of honor at her wedding.  Since I've gotten engaged, she has been super helpful in sharing vendor information with me and has been asking constantly about details and plans.  Part of me wonders if she is expecting to be my matron of honor, and I know if I asked her, she would be SUPER honored. 

I really don't want to hurt her so part of me thinks that I could have a matron of honor and then one of my best friends as a maid of honor, but then that leaves the other friend out.  I've always dreamt that my best friends would be my maids of honor, so what should I do???  I don't want my cousin to hate me forever.

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    just make them all bridesmaids - no hurt feelings

    and agreed with the other girls just because someone was your maid of honor or you were in someone's wedding doesn't mean they have to be in yours....

    i am standing up in a friends wedding, and she is not being asked to stand up in mine, I have no issues with her but I have a few other friends I am much closer with...

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    I asked my 4 oldest / closest friends to be my BMs. No MOH since I couldn't choose amongst them - so that's certainly an option for you as well.

    Also, weddings are not tit for tat - you may have been in your cousin's wedding but that doesn't mean you "owe" her anything in return. If you WANT her to be in yours, great - ask her. But don't ask people out of a sense of obligation or who you think would be the best helper. Ask the people who are your nearest & dearest.
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    If it's a bridal party of 3, call them all either BMs or Honor Attendants.  Calling all MOH kind of dilutes the honor.

    Or just stick to the 2 as MOH.  Helpfulness, willingness to plan and excitement aren't factors in choosing your WP.  How close you are to the friends is a factor.
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    my bff is my matron my aunt who is like and sister and my siter will both be maids of honors plus I have bms so you can do as you feel
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    [QUOTE]my bff is my matron my aunt who is like and sister and my siter will both be maids of honors plus I have bms so you can do as you feel
    Posted by mzpassion[/QUOTE]

    What?  That's some confusing sentence. 
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