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WP Gifts.. Need Some Suggestions...

Hello Ladies..

So I am having a really small wedding, my younger brother (15) and two-step brothers (11 & 13) are going to be the so called-ushers.. I know it probably seems silly to have Ushers for a small wedding.. but since it is the immediate family that is going to be the WP... it seemed like the most appropriate choice. So my thoughts are... what do I get 3 teenage-ish boys as gifts? I know it doesnt say anywhere that you have to get your Ushers something... but I am getting all the BM's something... and my FI is getting the GM's something... and since those titles are held by siblings .. I dont want the younger guys to feel left out. But I have NO IDEAS AT ALL... anyone have a younger guy as a GM in their wedding or something... I thought I could do something simple like an iTunes card... but ... I kind of wanted it to be a little nicer than that ya know? Any ideas would be GREATLY apprecaited.. I am so unbelievable stumped!!
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