Wedding Party

Dressing the Wedding Party

I want to offer my bridesmaids 2 choices of dresses. They are basically the same, but one is strapless and the other is a y-neck (very common, David's Bridal dresses). I can get a nice shrug to match and the dresses will look pretty close to the same (DB again). I know this is not uncommon to do, but my fiance is obsessed with uniformity. He even thinks that the BM's should have to wear exactly the same dress AND something brown or black with the dresses to match the groomsmen (he hasn't decided if they're wearing brown or black yet). He won't back down and it's driving me bananas!! No joke, I feel like I have a Groomzilla on my hands here. I have been in 4 weddings and have NEVER had to wear brown or black just to match the groomsmen better. Please tell me I am not the crazy one here!
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