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Wedding party gifts?

How important is it to get our wedding party members gifts?  Our budget just unexpectantly took a $7,000 hit and those gifts seem like an extra expense we cannot afford.  We got our wedding party something small when we asked them to be in our wedding and it is hard to find inexpensive gifts that they will use/like.  We have a large wedding party so if anyone has any suggestions about what we should do, it would be appreciated.

Re: Wedding party gifts?

  • The gifts are a thank you for being there for you and your FI.  You need to find a little something for each of your BP members.  They don't need to be anything big.  A $20 gc to their favorite store, a book they've been wanting to get.  Just make it personalized to each person.
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  • Sorry, this is one of those necessary expenses.  It doesn't have to be super extravagant, but you really can't get away with giving them nothing (at least, if you still want them around the next time you need them.  Ingratitude has a way of making people lose your number). 

    There's always eBay or sales.  My attendant gifts retailed for around $80 each, but I found them on eBay for closer to $25.

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  • It's pretty important to get them something.  But it doesn't have to be big or expensive.  If you're crafty, you could even handmake something for them.  Just something thoughtful and personal that shows that you appreciate their friendship and the time and money they're spending to be in your wedding.
  • You can find pretty cheap things on etsy as well. We're getting cufflinks with our groomsmen's favorite super heroes for about $15 apiece.
  • I am getting my girls gift cards to Victoria's Secret (the dresses we chose require a special kind of bra, and I felt I should cover that expense at the least) and something else, small and special - like chocolate from Russia (where I was born) or some other such meaningful thing.
  • Do you give more for relatives etc?  My party is small. My cousin, his sister..
    I was going to pick out a Michael Kors purse out from TJ Max for her because it isn't something she'd buy herself and she always drools over mine.  Would this be over the top?  We aren't fancy schmancy people.. just like his handbags lol
    I want to give her something she will use.
  • to answer the question.. they are there for you and it is not their fault you went over budget.. we are over by $10-11k and we are just upping the monthly budget and cutting out  lot of other expenses in the meantime (eating out, movies etc)
  • Tons of cute unique gift ideas! check out http://www.etsy.com/shop/moonstonecreation. it is such a cute shop with tons of handstamped jewelry, bottle openers, military related jewelry, keychains, cufflinks, etc... Makes great wedding gifts for bridesmaids & groomsmen. I really like the handstamped necklaces for the BMs. 
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