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How do I discuss my feelings with my BF who has left me out???

Here's the ground work:
One of my best friends is getting married this summer. We are all same-sex couples and my best friend stood up for me at my wedding.
Now, I know it is her wedding and she can choose her attendants as she wishes - but my friend plans on asking MY WIFE to stand up for her instead of me!
There has not been any falling out between us, we still hang out as we have done for 4+ years... I could understand if she didn't ask either of us, but foregoing me and asking my wife!?!? I am extremely hurt by this and I don't know if I should say anything or if I should have my wife mention my feelings to my friend... My friend has not actually spoken to my wife about it yet, but I found out today thru a text message that this is my friend's plan b/c she sent ME a message asking for my wife's # so she could ask her to stand up for her...
I then asked my friend who is in the wedding party and she gave me all the names in her party and told me who will be on her future wife's side as well... I was shocked when I saw she listed my wife and not me!!!
I didn't say anything to her - yet! But I did mention my hurt feelings to my wife when I asked her if she knew who was in the WP, and she of course had no idea yet since my friend has not even spoken to her yet...
So my questions are: Do I mention my feelings to my friend??? Do I have my wife explain to my friend why it hurts BOTH of us that she would ask her instead of me??? Do I encourage my wife to still take on the honor or ask her to not do it b/c of my own feelings??? Again, I know it's not my wedding, but THIS seems to be in poor taste to me!!!

If there are any other same-sex couples out there reading this, maybe your thoughts are different than those of the other brides on here... Input from everyone is welcome!!!
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