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Wedding Party

Siblings in the bridal party.

My Future SIL's (I have two) and I are really close, being that they live in the area. (Currently are 15 and 11 years old). so I told FH that I would really like to include them in the wedding party, which he was okay with. After all they are his sisters

The dilemma  is that I have a biological brother that lives in a different state (6 hours away). I don't want my FH to feel obligated to put him in the wedding party, because it is ultimate FH choice (and my FH hasn't gotten to know my brother, like I have gotten to know his siblings. So it really isn't an obligation at all.) However, I also don't want to leave my brother out either.

My FH nephews (who are like "brothers" because his parents have custody) are going to be ushers for us, so that they aren't left out. So I don't know how to include my brother in the wedding.

Wow, I re-read that at it sounded complicated. I hope it wasn't.
Any ideas ladies?
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