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Bridesmaid Gifts - Big Ooops!!

Just wanted to give a heads up to unsuspecting Brides out there like me, if I had known that The Knot Shop was horrible customer service and order processing I would have went elsewhere.

I ordered 11 custom totes from this website's store on December 6, 2010, I checked weekly on the order status online and the status went from over 2 months of "Processing" to  "Not Shipped" on Wednesday.  My wedding is in 2 weeks and I was waiting on these totes to give as gifts to my Bridemaids, I just called Customer Service to ask about the "Not Shipped" status and hopefully get some tracking, well she said that since it was a Discount Item they were out of stock when I ordered!!  I asked well how much longer and she said, "No maam we have been out of stock since December 1st".  I am so angry and upset right now, they could have notified me, updated the order status online, not processed my order at all if it was out of stock, not sell out of stock items, or offered me some sort of discount or rush processing for something comparable, and nothing.  I have 2 weeks until Wedding Date and The Knot did not notify me of this for 3 months!!  Please beware of purchasing from here, I would hate for anyone else to be in a similar situation, I have no idea what I am going to do and I am so disappointed.  They did say they would pass this situation on to their IT department but that doesn't help me.  Buyer Beware! 
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