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What gift(s) do I get my wedding disaster!

I ordered the personalized totes from "The Knot Wedding Shop" for my bridal party. They are horrible, poor quality, brown, not white, and look like rags.

I'm having a Hawaiian, beach-themed wedding. My wedding is 14 days away.

Any suggestions of websites (or stores) I can go to and what I should get them?

(Does anyone know about "The Knot Wedding Shop" return policy?)

Thanks Knotties!
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Re: What gift(s) do I get my wedding disaster!

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    Get them individualized gifts that suit their tastes.  They don't have to match the theme of your wedding, nor should they all be the same, since your WP are not all the same.
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    Ditto PP.  Buy gifts that look like they're suited to your BMs individuality - not to the wedding.

    If you still want to use the totes, go for them as a gift bag for the items you buy your BMs.
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    WP gifts don't have to be, nor should they be matchy-matchy.  WP gifts don't have to be, nor should they necessarily wedding related.  What store or website would you go to for each girl's birthday?  For Christmas?  Good.  Go there.  Shop for your friends, not for your wedding party.
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    My advice is to head to the mall and shop as though it wasn't your wedding.  Your BMs will appreciate it much more than a cheap wedding-themed tote.
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    It also doesn't need to be themed toward your wedding.  So just because you're having a beach-themed wedding, don't limit yourself to beachy gifts.
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    I cannot recommend this company enough. I ordered from them and had the order in my hands, no extra shipping charges, within days. The quality is excellent.
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    Please don't buy them gifts related to the theme of the wedding.  WP gifts are not favors.
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