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Help, friend-turned-acquaintence acts like she is in the wedding but isnt!

So I'm desperately trying to avoid being a bridezilla and I am not one of those people who thinks that my wedding is the biggest thing in everyone else's life, but I do think one of my friends/acquaintences is acting a little weird and I'm not sure what to do. She and I used to be close but really haven't been in several years and I am not going to ask her to be in my bridal party (I've already picked my bridal party and I'm happy about all of them).  I don't think its appropriate for me to call her and tell her she's NOT in the wedding (no use in hurting her feelings like that) but she has been acting like she is planning things.  She invited people to our engagement party that I wasn't going to invite, and told me afterwards she invited them (she also invited that person to sleep on my couch the weekend of the engagement party so they'd have a place to stay!) I didn't consult her for help with the party or anything,  I simply invited her, I didn't think she'd take upon herself to invite others!!  Additionally,  she gives me her strong opinions about where to have the wedding; she balked at the idea that we might get married in New Jersey, eventhough she's never been there, because she's seen the show Jersey Shore.  She recently met my FI for the first time (she lives in a different city and has been traveling the past year and  half so they haven't met) and told me we coudln't get married until we had her approval, I hope she was joking but she's been so overbearing that I just can't tell anymore. Help! What do I do?

Re: Help, friend-turned-acquaintence acts like she is in the wedding but isnt!

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