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So do we write a Thank You note for each gift we give to our wedding party and parents- or is a verbal Thank you when you are giving the gifts out at the rehearsal dinner enough. I have been in several weddings, and I don't remember getting a personal note with my gift, but I may be wrong.

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    I would write a TY note to the WP.  I think the bride or groom has written us a handwritten note along with the gift for every wedding that we've been in.  It's a lovely touch as well.

    If you don't give them a TY with the gift, send them a TY note after the wedding.
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    A handwritten TY is never wrong.
    "Trix, it's what they/our parents wanted. Why so judgemental? And why is your wedding date over a year and a half ago? And why do you not have a groom's name? And why have you posted over 12,000 posts? And why do you always say mean things to brides?" palegirl146
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    I wrote a thank you note to my bridesmaids, and to the aunts and uncles and friends that did readings for us (I just bought a Hallmark TY card and jotted down a little note and signed it from me and MH).

    MH just handed the two groomsmen their gifts, with no TY card or even wrapping, lol. They didn't seem to care.

    Like PP said, a TY card is never wrong, but you don't have to go nuts either.
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    I wrote them for my BMs, but H didn't do them for his GM because he couldn't find any that weren't "too girly" as he said.  We did them though for our altar boys (my cousins), ceremony musicians (family members), and anyone else involved. 

    Etiquette will never say that a TY note is wrong to do.

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    I bought blank cards that each had a pic on the outside that reminded me of one of my BMs (so they all got a unique pic). I wrote a note inside each one telling each girl how much I value our friendship and how appreciative I am that they are my BM. I gave them the cards at the same time as the BM gift.
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    I always value the thought of a handwritten note, and I am a stickler for thank you's.  You don't send one from your kids birthday party and/or your kid doesn't thank me, no more birthday parties for you.
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