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What should i do. I keep asking my bridemaids to purchase there dresses. Not a single one of my girls has done it yet?  How do i tell them i need that done, with out being rude?  When are any of you having your gilrs purchase there dresses?

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    Give them the exact date the dresses need to be ordered before a rush fee will be needed...that should help.
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    Tell them the last date to order the dress without a rush fee and the last day to order the dress with a rush fee.  Then leave it alone.
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    [QUOTE]Give them the exact date the dresses need to be ordered before a rush fee will be needed...that should help.
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    Ditto. It's up to them to be responsible and get their dresses. Don't hound them or pester them about it. Just set a final date to order and leave it to them.

    I'm getting married in October and we just ordered the dresses. The salon we ordered from said we had until the end of July to order before a rush might have to be put on. You're fine.

    Conceivably, they could be ordering from eBay or other places, so maybe they don't need to go through that store. You never know. Just set a final date and leave it be.
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    It depends on when deadline is, just send them a reminder again and let it be, you can't hand-hold on this
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    Did you ask them for their budgets before you selected the dress? If not, there might be a problem with the price, in which case you are the one at fault. Call them each individually, apologize for not asking their budgets ahead of time, and ask if they are O.K. with this price or if they can't afford it. If they can't afford it, either chip in some cash or find a cheaper dress.

    If you DID ask them their budgets and you DID select a dress in their price ranges, and they're just being lazy, then remind them one more time about the deadline. "The last day you can order the dress without being charged a rush fee is [date]. Any issues, let me know before then, or else forever hold your piece." Then wash your hands of it. If they get the dress by the wedding day, they're bridesmaids. If not, they wear whatever they want and sit in the audience as guests.
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    Thank you all for your help. If they're wanting to be in it then they will pruchase there dresses, but if not then there just a guest. thanks for your help!!!!! 
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    When does the shop say they need to be ordered to be in for the wedding? And did you find a dress w/in their budgets?  If not that might be why they're dragging their feet.
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