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Monogrammed bag to hold other gifts...

So I've been reading around on the boards for a while, some seem against monogrammed bridesmaid gifts and others seem to think they are a good idea.  I was thinking of getting these:
and using them to hold the other gifts, which I'm planning to do more specific to each bridesmaid instead of getting all exactly the same thing.  Thoughts?  If you were a bridesmaid would you use the bag in the future?

Re: Monogrammed bag to hold other gifts...

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    I think that's fine it you're including other personalized gifts to their taste and interests. I did monogrammed tote bags and my girls loved them, but I also included other gifts inside the bag.
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    I agree.  If you are putting personalized stuff in the bag, then it's probably ok.

    Do you think your BMs will use the bags?  If not, I would save the money and just get regular gift bags to put their individual gifts in.
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    I think it is fine if you put person-specific gifts in each one. I personally wouldn't use the bag. I'm not into the monogram makeup bag thing; I have a makeup bag and I don't feel the need for lots of cute ones. If you purchased a bigger tote for me I would probably use it as my beach bag.
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    I received a monogrammed bag a few years ago from a wedding I was in and was actually pretty pissed when my cat chewed off one of the straps.  If it weren't for that I'd still be using it.  I definitely think it's a really good idea to buy gifts specific to each BM.
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    Monogrammed bags go out of vogue once you hit around age 12 and the thrill of having *your* name on something starts to fade.  But that's just my opinion.  I'm all for a bag but grown women don't normally go around with accessories that have their names on them.  If your BMs are the kind who do, then by all means go for it.  But if you've never seen them get anything monogrammed, save your money and get them a bag they'd like that fits their style.
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    i really like the idea, but understand why some people do not like them. 

    i did order monogrammed tote bags.  each one has personalized gifts and day of jewelry in it.
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    I'm not really a purse person in general, so I definitely wouldn't use the bag.  Even if you do want a monogrammed bag, I wouldn't go through The Knot's shop, their stuff is way overpriced and I've heard the quality isn't great.

    I think it would be better to get them each a tote tailored to their personalities.  For instance, I might carry a bag with one of my favorite Disney characters or something clever on, while my younger sister probably wouldn't care what was on the bag as long as she liked the color.  But if any of your girls really aren't the tote bag type, you could always find something else to put their gifts in, like a reusable lunch bag or something.
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    No, I wouldn't use that again in the future. Why? Because I don't want anything with my initial or name on it and I already have lots of makeup bags - my main everyday one and then a bunch for travel that only get used when

    But I do appreciate totebags in general since I haul a lot of crap with me to work everyday. I have a Vera Btadley one, I have ones with logos on them from various vendors I've gotten for free, I like the Lands End beach bag really depends on your girls and what you'd think they carry. For example, some people hate Vera Bradley no matter what pattern you got them so it would be a moot point. Some people will never carry a bag with their initial on it.
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    I always think simple, reusable 'green' shopping bags are a great option to put more personal gifts in.  Much less expensive than tote bags, and usually there's a pretty good chance they'll get used again.
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