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Maid/Matron of honor?

I am a little confused with the whole maid or matron of honor subject.  I want my sister to be the primary person, but she is married.  However, I have a close unmarried friend who I want to make more than a bridesmaid.  What is the appropriate names for them?  It seems like my sister would be the matron of honor because she is married and my friend would be maid of honor because she is not married.  However, is it ok to have your matron of honor before your maid of honor?  I am confused!

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    My wedding is October of 2011 and we are having both a Maid & Matron, as well as 2 best men. I haven't quite decided who will be standing next to me, but both of them understand that they are equal in being a special part of our day. They are both just honored to be in our wedding party.

    I live closest to my Matron of Honor so she will be doing a good majority of things when I need her ASAP. My Maid of Honor lives 9 hours away, so she is taking part in whatever she can. They are both so helpful, and great friends!

    Hope this helps!

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