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Re-wearable bridesmaid dress

I am the only bridesmaid in a wedding this summer.  The bride has told me that I may select any dress that I want, so long as it is: 1. Silver, 2. cocktail length 3. not strapless.  I'm finding that the strapless restriction is making finding a non-traditional dress that I can wear again a little difficult, as the majority of the dresses out there are strapless.  The ones that aren't are either dowdy or show a lot of cleavage for a church wedding.  Does any have any suggestions for designers or stores to check for a dress that fits the above criteria and is one that I could wear again to a christmas party, etc.  I have already checked jcrew and ann taylor, which have great dresses, but nothing that fits the above criteria and is in my size.  Thanks for your help!

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