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Female Best Man....Best Woman Attire

How would you dress the "Best Woman"?  Would she match the bridesmaids or should she wear the same color as the groomsmen?  For instance if the groom and his groomsmen or in gray suits maybe a gray dress for the best woman? Thoughts and ideas are appreciated.

Thank you.

Re: Female Best Man....Best Woman Attire

  • I'd just ask. Personally, I think it'd be cute to have her in the same dress style as the bridesmaids but in the groomsman's color, but she might feel uncomfortable being singled out like that. So I'd see how she'd feel best and go with that.
  • I've seen it done a couple of ways.

    I've seen where the girl wore the same dress as the rest of the BM's but in black or whatever colour the groomsmen were in.

    I've also seen the girl in a tuxedo. Not my style, but hey, to each their own.
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  • There are different ways to go about it, but I think I'd start by asking her what she'd be comfortable with.  I'd also ask your FI-since she's standing on his side, I think he does get some input.
  • Thank you for the posts!  I really like the idea of having her in the same style dress as the bridesmaids but in the groomsmen color!  I know she will love the suggestions as well and will def get her input!
  • My H's Best Woman wore the same thing as my MOHs did. 
  • I think it's your fiance's decision, since she is his attendant.  For our ceremony, H decided what he and his best man would wear.  I made the decision about my best man's attire.
  • My FI is having his sister as his BM. Our groomsmen are also wearing grey and we talked about it and decided that she will wear the same dress as the bridesmaids but in grey. We are also letting her wear whatever shoes she wants in black (since the guys will have black shoes). I think it is going to look great!
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  • As PP's mentioned, there are several ways to go about it.  If it were me though, I'd probably go with the same style BM dress, but in the GM color.
  • Our groomswoman wore a skirt suit in the same color as my husband's suit. See below.

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  • Thanks everyone for all the feedback!
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