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How Big or Small is your wedding party?

We have chose a few of our BMs and GMs. which are ALL immediate family. We have a few close friends we'd like to include. but we're gonna have a rather large wedding party if we do.

5 BMs
5 GMs
2 FGs
1 RB

My FI's family says we'll have too big of a wedding party. Any thoughts?

Re: How Big or Small is your wedding party?

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    vencelavencela member
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    Our WP is 2 BM, 2 GM. That's it.  I'd love to have all of my brothers, stepbrothers and stepsisters, but it just seems like too much to have 9 people standing for me.  Yes, yes, I understand that the sides don't need to be even... but if I had 9 people standing for me v. his 2, I would indeed feel awkward dominating. 
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    I have 4 BMs - no MOH.
    FI has 1 Best Man and 2 GMs.

    1 FG
    1 RB

    We have 2 readers.

    Definately wait until you have your date nailed down and contracts in on a venue before asking anyone (and try to ask under the 1 year mark - why? There are so many girls who ask way too early and then have issues with relationships changing / regrets, etc).

    And you do NOT need even sides.
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    We have 5 BM, 1 JR BM, and 4 GM.
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    so it seems I have a HUGE WP. we are having 300 guests, and where I'm from having big BP is not unusual. We are thrilled to have our closest friends standing up there with us :)

    4 FG
    2 RB

    3 readers and 3 gift bearers.
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