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I'm sure there are several posts on here about what to get people in the WP.  Firstly, my girls are very similar in terms of taste etc. but the guys are soooo completely different from one another.  I'm at a loss as to what to get them or what to spend.  They are being absolutely amazing through the planning process and I really want to get them something special but I don't know where to begin. Ideas would be greatly appreciated... along with some kind of budget if possible. I'm really clueless about this.

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    Look at all the other posts.  There are at least 4 on the first page.  All of them give the same answer.

    I don't mean to be rude.  But this is addressed in the FAQ as well as other posts on the page.  Each bride is just as vague as you so I don't know why you'd get different responses.

    FWIW GM gifts are up to your FI, not you.

    The consensus tends to be to get them a gift card to their favourite store if you can't think of a gift.  Again, you would have seen that in every other WP gift post.
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    Hit up the mall and see what you find that you think they'd like.  Our wedding party gifts are in my bio and range from cookie cutters to a knife.
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    My Grandparents on their wedding day.
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    Repeat this to your self: My Wedding Party is made of my family and friends and I should treat them as such.
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