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how to have them walk...

Hi there,

We're planning to just have 2 groomsmen (including best man) and 3 bridesmaids, including MOH.  My MOH and one other bridesmaid also have daughters who will be flower girls.  We'll have 3 flowegirls in all (my niece won't even be 2 years old and so probably pulled down in a wagon).  So I'm trying to figure out how I could have everyone walk down the aisle.  Thinking my sister (MOH) to walk alone and my brother (one of the groomsmen) to escort the 2 other girls.  Then the little girls ranging from 5 years to 23 months can walk alone and the ring barers can walk alone also.  My other thought is that my MOH can walk alone, bridesmaid 1 walk with my brother, and bridesmaid 2 can walk with the little girls to help them down the aisle.  Thoughts?

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