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Maid of Honor vs. Groom DRAMA


Here's the story in a nutshell.  My MOH has always disliked my groom for what she says is "being afriad of losing me" as a friend.  Which has been a trend in all past relationships - she's hated every one of them.  My groom has tried for over two years to hang out, get to know her, etc. to show her that he's a good guy (and we're getting married, so obviously he's a good guy). Now that he's put in so much effort over the years and she's still being hostile, he's given up and now doesn't like her. So basically my MOH-to-be and my husband-to-be can't stand each other.He wants her to apologize and put forth some effort before he feels comfortable with her standing at the alter with us.  She refuses to say/do anything that involves him, including being in the same room.  He's never done anything to her, literally. She's now brought another bridesmaid into this, who says if my MOH-to-be ISN'T my  MOH, she will not be a bridesmaid because it will be like slapping her in the face.

I'm am SO over the back and forth, the drama and my MOH-to-be being a complete %*&#$, for lack of a better term. What do I do?  I just want my MOH there and a happy groom.

As a side note, I have been having continual conversations with her about her attitude towards him since before we were even seriously thinking about marriage, and things have not changed.  She's also been my best friend for 8.5 years.  I've taken her out of the wedding party as of now.  Do I just rearrange the wedding party because she can't grow up? Or have no wedding party at all? 


Thanks for your thoughts :)
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