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I am having 2 bridesmaids and a maid of honor. My fiance is having only a best man. Will it look weird having more bridesmaids than groomsmen?

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    Nope.  Un-even sides are very common.
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    No, you have to have even sides. If you don't, the marriage police will storm your reception, SWAT team style, and light your marriage certificate on fire Wink

    It's fine, as long as you both are happy with who will be standing up there with you, it doesn't matter if you had 1 attendant and he had 7. When it comes to WPs, it's quality, not quantity that counts.

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    Why would it look weird?
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    It'll look fine.  You can have the groom and best man waiting up at the altar while the girls process in.  Then, for the recessional, everyone can just walk out singly so you don't have to worry about pairings.  Or you can pair it MOH/BM and the two bridesmaids.  Honestly, the recessional is lightning quick, no one will really notice or care how the people are arranged.
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    It will be a lovely wedding.
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