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Down the aisle...not my dad

I don't have a father to walk me down the aisle.  Instead my brother will be doing so.  I would like to somehow give him credit on the wedding program but am unsure where to put it or what title to give him.  Any suggestions?

One idea I had is to add, after "processional" "presentation of bride" and then put my brother's name.  He is a very important part of my life and I want him to have due credit.  I appreciate your thoughts.

Re: Down the aisle...not my dad

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    We had something like this question earlier in the week. I think the phrase "Escorting the bride" or "Bride's escort" was the best wording.

    Edit: And of course in the program it would be "Escorting the bride/Bride's escort.......Brother's name"

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    I'm more of a fan of something along the lines of "Bride's Escort," rather than "Presentation of the Bride," because I don't like the idea of someone presenting you or giving you away. I also don't think I've ever heard "Who gives this woman to this man?" in a wedding ceremony.

    But if you like that title, go for it. Talk to your brother about it if you want feedback.
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    I'm also a big fan of "bride's escort".  So the program would read:

    Bride's Escort - John Jones (Brother of the bride)
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    Thank you for the "Bride's Escort" response.  I also appreciate that the majority of responses were very positive and not judgmental.  When you are in the throws of planning and trying to figure out everything else you only want positive responses and assistance.  Again thank you to those of you who helped.
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