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I think I may have the Spawn of Satan (sorry Mom!) as my MOH... help please!

My maid of honor is my big sister.  She's always been there for me and there was no doubt in my mind that she would be my MOH....but ever since I have gotten engaged, she has been a real pain in my...well... you know. 
She's 6 years older than me and is a dissertation away from her doctorate in psychology so, why is she acting like this?
Any new idea my fiance' and I have, she doesn't seem to like.  (We are doing an earthy, DIY[sort-of] wedding...which really reflects the two of us)  My personal favorite line she uses is, "Well, I don't think it's one of your best ideas but it is YOUR wedding and on YOUR day I guess you can have what you want".  Does every MOH act this way?  It isn't like she wants to be married anyways.  She is with someone now saying she never wants to get remarried...her idea, not his...he's asked.  
Another problem we have is having our father walk me down the aisle.  She goes off about being property to give away and, "are Mom and Dad going to give Brian a goat and some land to take you off their hands?" comes out frequently.  She has also flat-out refused to go to any bridal shows and any dress I choose is "not flattering" on her for one reason or another.
I've dealt with negativity before but this is getting out of hand.  All I want is for her to be the support I need because, as I'm sure all you soon-to-bes know, things get stressful.  If I bring that up, she uses her vast knowledge of psychology on me (it's not that I'm stupid...I just don't care as much as she does :) ) and turns it around so I feel awful about bringing anything up. 
Anyone have any ideas on how to deal with a MOH who is really hard to deal with?  I want her to be a part of it all.  I love my sister more than most anything in the world... but why must she make the happiest day of my life (and the days leading up to it) so awful? 
Oh!  Two more things to help you gals really weigh-in on it... When I first got engaged, I had to literally track her down at work to show her.  She didn't really care.  Secondly, she has come out and said, "Will you make sure x, y, and z are invited?  I don't want to be bored". 
What should I do?  (Also know I'm the least confrontational person in the world...and she's a master haha

Thanks in advance! 
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