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A not-so-quick, quick post

Hey Girls!
I just wanted to write a quick post to say I'm Back! I've missed you guys! Thank you all for the Birthday Wishes, I know it's been a month, but I've still gotta thank you all, I did have a good birthday. Smile

Wedding Stuff:
Sadly, I haven't gotten anything at all done as far as wedding planning is concerned Cry The priest that I want to talk to has been really busy, plus, I haven't had internet to do any research... ugh... hopefully I'll get it again at home tomorrow.

Normal Stuff:
As far as Non-wedding stuff, I started summer school today (I'm hoping to get ahead y'know?) And we  just moved! Yay! Me and FI got our own little apartment about three blocks from the school, its really convenient and we love not having an apartment-mate.

1. I keep trying to put the June siggy in my signature, and for some reason its super huge. I'm using photobucket and I tried to re-size it a bunch of times... how do I get it to decent siggy size?

2. The new apartment we have is somehwhat small and person who lives above us smokes, needless to say the reason we know is because we can smell it in our apartment (from the vents). Any of you girls have any ideas on how to un-smoke our home? I've already tried plastic (I know tacky, but better than smoke smell).
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