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Trouble writing Thank you to Father

My father and I are estranged some what I guess you could say. He was/is a person with drug and alcohol addictions along with serious mental health problems. I stopped going by him when I was about 10 years old, and aside from running into each other in public, or my casual stop by is house once every couple years he has never made an attempt to contact me or uphold a relationship. My brother is much the same as my father, but a little more bearable in personality. The two of them are thick as thieves.

Recently, my father's Dad passed away and left him a substantial amount of money. He in turn bought my brother a motorcycle, and then asked my brother, to ask my mother, to ask me (lol follow that? Why not just call me himself?) how much money I need for the wedding (assuming he received my save the date). I gave my mom the amount we had left to save presuming he would'nt send anything anyway because that is just the way he typically is.

About one week later I received a letter on my door. In the letter he wish my FI and I a happy life and hoped our wedding day is one of the most special moments in our life. He told me that he hopes this check will help us with whatever we need, and to let him know if we need more. Enclosed he sent a check for DOUBLE the amount I had told my mom! Needless to say I stood there Bawling. Even the letter alone would have been enough to turn my cold heart a little warmer. 

So we cashed the check, and now I am trying to write him a thank you that doesn't seem like I'm writing to a complete stranger...I'm finding it SUPER difficult. Any Ideas ladies?
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