Wedding Party

Purpose of Bridal Party?

I know everything says that bridesmaids are only required to wear a dress and stand there. But honestly what is the point? Common response: to be supportive. Does that make me more important than other guests? I am so super supportive that I get a special dress and have a special place to stand? I've never been a bridesmaid until now, and as I am only having a MOH in my own wedding, I've never really thought about it I guess. And sure I would love to help my bride with parties and showers and whatever she needs done in Florida (she lives in TX and wedding will be in FL), but according to BM etiquette that's not required. So why are they there? I googled it and historically they were there to confuse the evil spirits or what-not, but bridesmaids (generally) do not wear the same color as the bride anymore, so the symbolism isn't even there. I'm one of those people that needs a reason for absolutely everything, and I feel like if I can't figure out why I am needed to stand up there that I will have issues doing it. Helping plan the wedding I am fine with, wearing matching dresses and standing in front of everyone, I just feel like I'm saying "Hey, she loves me more than you" to everyone. Please help.
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