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HELP PLEASE ~ Bridesmaid Dress Drama

K... So i need some advice... here's my drama... i have 5 bridesmaids... anywhere from a size 0 with huge boobs to a square shaped, flat chested size six to a very curvaceous size 14... i really want all my girls in the same dress ("watermelon" color)... we have been to a ton of bridal shops and tried on hundreds of dresses...

Question #1 - Does it matter what fabric your girls wear in comparison to your bridal gown?? (My briday gown is chiffon) - I keep leaning more towards satin bridesmaid dresses to compliment it...

Question #2 - Which fabric is more flattering for a variety of body shapes? Chiffon or satin (not smooth, with pleats to "hide" imperfections?)?

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