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Bridesmaid Gift Paranoia

I have 4 bridesmaids an decided to spend about $50 per bridesmaid. They all like jewelry though their styles are different so I went shopping for pieces they'd each like for everyday use, not for the wedding.

For the first bridesmaid, my fiance's sister, I found a necklace that I thought she'd love for $75 and bought it despite it being above my budget

For the second bridesmaid, I bought a necklace for around $55.

For the third and fourth bridesmaids, I found jewelry that they will like for only about $35 a piece so I was thinking of buying them candles (they do both love candles) to go with them.

I am afraid that the first two bridesmaids will feel cheated since it will look like they are getting less even though I am spending more money on them. My fiance's sister especially has a tendancy to feel cheated easily.

Anyway, I'm probably being very paranoid, but does anyone have thoughts?

Re: Bridesmaid Gift Paranoia

  • I feel like you put thought into your gifts - if they are gracious they will be grateful for your thoughtfulness and be very appreciative.  If they feel cheated they are just immature.  No one knows how much the gifts cost, so they can't really compare.  If you feel that bad about it, just  give them each the necklace you picked out...but I don't think it's a big deal.  I was just in a wedding and didn't even see what the other girls got, nor did I care how much was spent.
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    None of them will know how much you spent on each piece of jewelry.  Since you took time to find pieces that each person will like then that is all that matters.  By adding additional items to one or two gifts will be a tell tale sign that you are just trying to equal out the pricing.

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    [QUOTE]In Response to Re: Bridesmaid Gift Paranoia : This.  <strong>Personally, I'd rather have a $35 piece of jewelry that I will wear than a $75 piece that I won't.</strong>  I wouldn't add anything extra because it just makes it obvious that you're trying to equal out the pricetag and in your case sounds like it will cause potential issues.  Just give them the jewelry and go with it.
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    Exactly this.
  • try a customized option.   Tons of cute unique gift ideas! check out it is such a cute shop with tons of handstamped jewelry, bottle openers, military related jewelry, keychains, cufflinks, etc... Makes great wedding gifts for bridesmaids & groomsmen. I really like the key chain with a line from your vows stamped on. My hubby is reminded of our day and our promise everday.
  • Thank you! You're right that the extra candles will show I'm trying to even out pricing, but I saw that Michael's is having a sale on nice candles for $2 a piece so I can buy those and for a couple extra dollars, everything will seem more even.

    I know this seems a little petty, but I'd hate the thought that I put into each piece of jewelry to be at all overshadowed by some seeming unevenness, espeically since one is a future sister-in-law.
  • If they are very courteous then they would highly appreciate your gift without thinking about how much the gift costs rather cosidering the feelings and the love that have been wrapped within it.

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