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Do I HAVE to have my sisters in my wedding? I'm close to one more than the other and to put one in but not the other seems rude... so I wanted to leave them both out.  Is that wrong?

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    Nope, my sis & i had major falling out a few years back. She is doing a reading. I am having her with us for hair/make up etc though. This way she is not totally excluded, she is also coming from miles away so it is only right. 

    I agree with the leaving 1 our leave 2 out situation though, this way you won't hurt feelings too much, but be prepared for some hurt feelings still.
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    OP, welcome to TK! :) 

    No, you're not required to have your sisters - or anyone else, for that matter - in your wedding. It would not be wrong to leave both of them out.

    I have three sisters with whom I enjoy various degrees of closeness, but I've decided to ask all three of them to be BM's. I would rather have them all, than have none! So I suggest asking either both of your sisters or neither of them. IMO hurting your sisters' feelings is not worth it. 
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  • Thanks, I appreciate the responses!  They all make sense!  I'll keep thinking about it, but more than likely, I know I'm not going to have one but not the other in it so I'm glad I got some confirmation about it not being the best choice. :)

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