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The second reception (long)

First of all, I just read the Headdesk thread and the linked thread....kind of glad I missed that.

Ok.  Still on California time here....and if anyone has any questions, it will probably be later tonight before I'm back so be patient.

As most of you know, DH's father is unable to travel anymore and was unable to attend our wedding in Philadelphia which was a small 30 guest, immediate family and closest of friends only wedding.  He asked to throw a Big Fat Greek reception for us in San Francisco which we obliged.  His daughter outdid herself planning (and I think practicing for years from now when her daughter/only child gets married).  

We didn't know what to expect because she kept it all a secret.  She knew we did every bit of planning for our wedding all by ourselves and just wanted us to enjoy this.  We did know that she was stressing how to fit everyone because the response rate was almost 100%.   We had the room, it was just tighter than she had planned.  Relatives and family friends came out of the woodwork.  More than once, DH was stunned by who who saw.  Some people came from as far away as Santa Barbara; the family was expecting only those in the area to attend.

I did wear my dress again which is a chiffon A-line spaghetti strap dress with minimal pearl detailing - I made a point of getting a dress that could be worn again.  Instead of my veil, I pulled my hair to the side and stuck a full bloom ivory rose in it.  Almost everyone asked if it was my wedding dress and (like every other second reception I've attended) said they were happy I wore it so they could see me in it.  I asked my inlaws and parents to keep an ear out for catty comments and insisted they be honest.  Guess what?  Not one person said anything nasty.  I had even brought a blue cocktail dress incase I felt uncomfortable wearing the wedding dress again; I didn't need it.

(My mom, SsIL, BsIL and niece all wore the same clothes they wore to the wedding also)

DH looked like he was going to a business meeting by accident.  He wanted to wear a blue tie with a white shirt and black suit (Greek reception, no argument from me).  He packed a light blue shirt for dinners out.  When he went to put on the white shirt, he discovered that the Brooks Brothers French cuff shirt that he grabbed from the freshly hung dry cleaning in our closet was mine.  So, he had to wear the blue dress shirt and I had to explain what happened to every woman who was giving him the side eye.

We got caught up in a receiving line that we hadn't intended to do.  One of my late MIL's friends kept talking and talking to us and eventually a line formed behind her.  We couldn't get her to leave and get something to drink so the line just kept getting longer.  Finally, one of DH's uncle's pulled her aside and we were able to greet everyone else.  By the time we finished, the cocktail hour was over and we didn't get to try any of the appetizers.  SIL made sure we were first in line for the dinner buffet and that no one stopped us on our way to the table to eat.

SIL started everything by giving a toast where she welcomed me to the family and introduced my parents who flew out from Cincinnati.  She made a point of welcoming my mom to California since it was the first time she had been there; everyone had advice for where we should take her when they found out we were giving my parents the grand tour the next day.  SIL also thanked her dad for hosting and told him that she had a lot of fun spending his money on this to which his reply was to waive off the comment and say, "I can't take it with me."

Her daughter then played a slide show of the wedding day in Philadelphia with some video her dad shot of the day.  My new 13 year old niece put this together herself and did a fantastic job.

The chairs all had white chair covers and red bow sashes on them.  SIL had gorgeous centerpieces on all the tables (that included tulips which I love) and we placed photos from the wedding on table tents next to them.  Some people took home the flowers but everyone took the photos.

We also brought framed photos of my parents, DH's parents and us on our wedding days.  They were on a table that you saw as you stepped off the elevator.  All night long, I saw people picking them up and with my IL's, telling stories.

SIL also got a two tiered wedding cake complete with a cake topper.  We did the cake cutting to loud cheers and a couple of boos from the cousins when we picked up forks instead of smashing cake in eachother's faces.  I looked at them, shook my head and said, "not. a. chance." which got more laughs.  There was also a good bit of tapping the wine glasses to get us to kiss.

We spent the rest of the night going around and talking to everyone; we didn't do dancing.  DH wasn't kidding when he said this was going to be My Big Fat Greek Wedding.  Remember the Easter scene where the family rushed Ian at the restaurant?  Happened.  Remember Aunt Voula's last line that Ian looked Greek?  In the receiving line, DH's aunt told us that she had just asked her daughters what they were whispering about.  Their answer was, "Mom, she looks Greek."
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Re: The second reception (long)

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    So fun! Where in CA was the reception? Sorry, you've probably said it before, but I don't remember.

    As far as the dress goes, I wore mine for our CA reception too (and mine was decidedly a giant cupcake wedding dress) - in part because I wanted to and in part because friends/family asked if I would. For me it's one of those things that while not strictly appropriate according to etiquette can be done well as long as you're honest about it (by which I mean you don't call it your wedding or try to recreate all the wedding things like WP, garter toss, etc.) and have a real reason like travel that people might not have been able to make the wedding itself.
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    Hi Emily.  The reception was in San Francisco.  I forgot to add that SIL, who inherited all of her mom's jewelry, gave me the engraved silver and diamond watch that had been my FIL's wedding present to my late MIL.  She kept having dreams that she was supposed to give this to me.
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    Tricia, so glad it all went well.  Boy did you hit the "In-law lottery", didn't you?  =)  It's all so sweet of them to do such much for you and your DH.

    Will you post pictures?  I'd love to see some!  Congrats to you both.
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    Oh that's such a sweet gift from your SIL!
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    In Response to <a href="">Re: The second reception (long)</a>:
    [QUOTE]Boy did you hit the "In-law lottery", didn't you?  
    Posted by trix1223[/QUOTE]
    Seriously!  Sounds like it was just wonderful.  I'm so glad that it went so well.  I too want to see the pics!
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    As soon as I have pics I'll post some of them.  Another cousin was acting as the photographer that night.

    The funniest thing was DH asked my parents afterwards if they were alright from the waves of his family coming at us.  My mom told him that this has to be the warmest family she's ever met.
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