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Bridesmaids dresses matching the wedding gown??

I am wondering if the bridesmaids dresses necessarily have to "match" the bridal gown?? My dress is satin so I have been only looking @satin dresses for my BMs. But I have fallen in love with a chiffon dress. Is it ok to mix & match?? Or should I stick with satin for my BMs??
(If it helps, I am wearing Adorae by Sottero & Midgley)

Also, I have been only looking @short dresses as it is an August wedding. Considering my dress, should they be long??
Thanks for any help!!

Re: Bridesmaids dresses matching the wedding gown??

  • They don't have to match the bride's gown. My BMs wore cocktail length dresses and I Had a full-length gown. The fabric also doesn't have to match.

    I would just try to match formality, meaning if you have a formal wedding and a huge formal wedding dress, don't have them wear denim skirts or informal sundresses, KWIM? Otherwise, I think they don't have to match at all.
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  • I think it looks nice to mix it up. Too matchy to me looks like everyone is just a cookie cutter and these are all individual people that you love :) enjoy your chiffon dresses!
  • In no way do the BM dresses have to "match" your wedding dress.  In fact, if everything was matchy-matchy it would get really boring looking.  If you love the chiffon dress then go for it...if you want short dresses then don't let the style of your dress stop PP said, just make sure to match the formality of your wedding...there are plenty of short, non-satin dresses that still have a formal feel.

  • Like the PP said, they don't have to match. I have a chapel length lace gown. My MOH is in a pink satin knee length dress and my BM is in a yellow tafetta (non shiny) knee length dress. 

    That said, I know some brides prefer to match. When I was a BM, the bride's gown was long, satin & had ruching in the bodice. Ours were long, satin & had ruching in the bodice (even though we picked 2 styles to alternate between 4 girls). We all had that in common. I don't like that much uniformity, but some do.
  • No they don't.  My BM dresses didn't even match each other.  One was chiffon, the other satin and it looked beautiful.  My dress was tulle. 
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  • They do not have to match your gown! If anything go with the  colors you chose for you wedding, and have them complement them! My colors are brown and a few shades of blue! So all the girls dresses including the MOH's are the same long brown gowns, with an accent of blue. But with the MOH's they are a different color blue accent then my BM's! ...

    Plus if you found dresses for them you like, then go with them! ... You need to be happy with your choices! ... Good luck!
  • I can't remember a weddng I've ever been to where the dresses 'matched' at all.  I wore a lace gown and my BMs wore a (rayon?) blend cocktail dress.  For one of my sisters weddings, the BMs wore chiffon and my sister had a big tulle ballgown.  For my other sisters wedding, she wore taffeta and the BMs wore satin.

    I think the only important thing is that the 'style' (level of formality) coordinates (with your dress and the wedding in general).  For example, the bride shouldn't be in a big ball gown with a 20' train (circa Princess Di) and then have your BMs in a funky short cotton sundress or something.
  • No they don't have to match.  In fact, not that you aren't already in the spotlight but I think if they are different materials, silhouettes, necklines, etc, it keeps your dress to be that much more special.  Agree with PP that they should match formality (no sundresses with a formal ballgown).  I am wearing mermaid gown (I think of my dress as a sexy spin on formality) and my girls are wearing short (a little above the knee) chiffon black dresses.  They are cocktail dresses, not bridesmaids dresses (pic in profile).  My dress is strapless, theirs is one-strap.  The only similarity between the two is our butts will all look great and our dresses are fabulous haha!
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