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I was just fooling around with my wedding party on David's Bridal "Dress Your Wedding" and I had each of my BMs in different color dresses deciding which color I liked best and it looks really neat with them all in a different color! 

Has anyone every had each of their BMs in different color dresses, if so please post some pictures!

**Although I have my BMs picked out in my head, I will not be asking any of them until next summer.
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Re: Bridesmaid Dresses

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    There's more pictures in my bio under FAQs.  HTH.
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    I totally love this look.  Had we not gone with a black and white wedding, I think I would have told my girls to wear whatever shade of blue they wanted.
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    My girls are all wearing a different shade of blue. It looks awesome. =)
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    Haha Emily--cheeky but you're right, this could have very easily been googled.
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    My sister did purple, red, wine, and blue. I didn't care for the way those colors looked together, but I did like the idea of all different color dresses.
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    A friend of mine did this years ago, just told her bridesmaids to wear whatever fancy dresses they already had in their closets!  I don't have photos but it looked great and was a really cost-effective way of helping bridesmaids out financially.
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    Just to throw you another option, if you are open to ideas ... I like when the bridesmaids are in black dresses but their sashes are different colors:
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