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I'd like to give my girls personalized cosmetics bags filled with bridesmaid survival kit goodies, plus a pashmina and a pair of flipflops for the that enough?  Should I do one other item? 

I was thinking of personalized wine glasses...would that be out of place?  or too much personalization with the cosmetics case?

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    Buy each BM a gift that she would like.  They do not have to be the same.  They should not be wedding related.  Don't think Bridesmaid Gift, think Birthday Present.
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    Stuff for your wedding is not a gift for them.

    The wine glasses depends on their tastes. I know a few friends who like them, and a lot of other girls who don't. Myself included, I don't get their appeal.

    Ditto on the personalized cosmetics bags. Most girls I know, including myself, do not like personalized/monogrammed things. But some girls do. And most girls I know already own a cosmetics bag.

    I also think that getting everyone the exact same thing comes off as lazy and thoughtless, if you want an honest opinion.

    Just get them all something they will like and use. If that means a book for one girl and an everyday handbag for another girl and a DVD for a third girl, fine.
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    If you want to add something else maybe you can make that part very somethign that relates to an inside joke or something?? i think what you have is great but this might just add a unique touch to all of them!
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    I have a million cosmetics bags from when I was about 13 and they were cool birthday gifts. I don't want any more.

    I should not need a kit to "survive" your wedding. You as the bride might, so you should make one for yourself.

    I don't wear pashminas ever, I'd rather put on a sweater.

    I already have flipflops I like. I am also a grown-up, so I wear shoes that I can be comfortable in for the duration of an event or bring my own shoes to change into - you don't need to do it for me.

    I don't want one wine glass, especially not a personalized one. I like my nice wine glasses that actually match and don't look corny.

    I just don't see how any of those things is going to appeal to the vast majority of women, to be totally honest. They're really generic "bridesmaid gifts," and your goal should be to get each friend something she will appreciate based on her own interests, just like you would on any other gift-giving occasion.
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    Stage makes a good point. If your one friend always gets cute flip flops, then get her a pair. But not because that way she can wear them at the reception, just because that's something you know she'd like. Personally, I'm not into having a million pairs of flip flops, I just have the same Rainbows I've been wearing for years that I replace when they wear out. Ditto the wine glass or the girl who's always talking about how she needs a new make-up case to travel or whatever. These aren't all inherently bad ideas.

    But they are also gifts that lend themselves to being very generic "girl gifts" that you'd give to someone you barely know, which I'm guessing is not what you want to do. And a survival kit is basically a collection of household supplies like band-aids or breath mints, and if you gave that to me for my birthday I would think you were weird.
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    Would you happily give it to each and every girl for their birthday or for Christmas, and expect them to be genuinely excited?  If so, it's a good gift.  If not, keep shopping.

    For the record, I wouldn't like or use any of that stuff either...  Unless your idea of a "bridesmaid survival kit" includes a couple of bottles of good booze.
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    Also, depending on what kind of flip-flops you get, they may hurt your BMs' feet. Old Navy flip-flops hurt the heck out of my feet if I don't break them in beforehand.
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    I don't want to hurt your feelings, but I wouldn't like any of those except the pashmina and that would only be if it's 100% real.  Nobody needs a BM survival kit, no one needs flip flops, no one needs personalized anything and most of those are things they won't be too jazzed about. 

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    I wouldn't like any of those things.  I have a make up bag.  I think I get what you mean by the "survival kit" but I have a better idea of what I would need/use and bring my own.  I wouldn't use the pashima and I would never ever put on a pair of flip flops at a wedding reception.  I know people say they are to be comfy in for the dancing, I cannot dance in flip flops.  I wouldn't want a personalized wine glass, no use for a single wine glass that matches nothing.  Now a mug that fits my personality (I already have 2 with my name) would be awesome.
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    Flip flops - I pratically live in flip flops but certainly don't have a need for any more.  I would nix that idea unless any of your BMs specifically mentioned them.  Who's to say they don't want to wear the same shoes for the reception?

    Makeup bags - I have tons, with the majority of them coming from a free gift with purchase from buying makeup.  I have no need for any of them.  I don't carry any makeup around with me except for lipstick.  That, and I have small purses and they wouldn't fit in them anyway.

    Ditto PPs.  Shop for them individually.  BM gifts should serve as a "thank you for being in my wedding" kind of thing and each girl should get a gift that is fitting for her and waht she would like to have.

    ETA: Just looked at the description of the BM survival kit on TK shop.  A tampon?  Really?  If I had my period that day I would have my own with me.
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