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Advice for non-Chinese coworker please!!!

A coworker of mine is traveling home to Tawain to get married. The office wants to throw her a bridal shower before she leaves but we don't want to offend any customs she might have. I don't know if it's superstitious to celebrate before she gets married. Another co-worker told me it's bad luck to wish someone Happy birthday on their birthday.
Any tips on if it's ok to give her a surprise bridal shower? Anything I should avoid or include?

Re: Advice for non-Chinese coworker please!!!

  • I am fro taiwan and there is nothing that says you can't have a bridal shower. Just don't give anything in white envelope. Should be in red envelope. White envelope with money is given to people at the funural. Also, avoid the number 4. It's bad luck. Avoid mums, they are used for funural and grave sites.
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