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Getting a little disappointed- Vent

So with this being unemployed thing for the 2nd time in 1 year. I'm starting to worry about money.

The plus sides,
I only owe 4k left on the wedding. Tax returns will pay that off.
Already have my dress and shoes
Half the bridal gifts. I got them lovely pearl silpada bracelets, having hand made stuff for them to wear for wedding, and getting a practical gift. (Side note, my girls all adore Silpada and pearls)
Got the cake cutter for nothing
Got toasting glasses for like nothing.
Got wedding rings for around $100 for both of us. Mine was $87, his was $20
photo booked
dj booked
florist booked

I have a lot done, but I am starting to worry about having our honeymoon.

It's a big deal to me. This is our first marriage, we have 2 kids. If we go on long vacations we are with family and my daughter (I have her 100%) Or we can only escape for 2 nights.

I am aware I am being selfish. (Just for a little side note; I had my daughter at 20 and I'm 30 now. I want a week for me. I want to be kid free, not a parent, enjoy a small piece of my life by being selfish and doing what I want for a small time of life.) But I feel life is throwing me a crap hand. I didn't want the big wedding. I agreed cause FI said I could have a honeymoon of my dreams. My original destination was nixed. So I opted for Disney.

But now as I'm seeing my unemployment dwindle down, not a single interview in almost 2 months. I'm not going to be able to save the extra $ for honeymoon.

I already looked at prices and I see if all was well it would cost us like 3k with everything included. I guess what I'm hoping for is you all can help me look at the positives. Maybe some other cheaper alternatives for a honeymoon? What you would do in my case? (postponing isn't a happy option for me, as I see it never happening, we will have only a weekend escape, or kids/family with us. My dream was always a small wedding and a fantasy honeymoon with my husband.)

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