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Anyone need tall vases? I have 14 beautiful ones for sale!

I got married last year, and searched high and low for great vases that didn't cost an arm and a leg. I found these for $12 a piece, and absolutely loved them! They're 11" tall, which was perfect for my calla lily arrangements, and made of very thick, sturdy glass. I'm selling them for $5 a piece, and I have 14 of them.( I actually have 15, but I've been using one of them in my kitchen... so if you need 15, you can certainly have that one, too).

I'd like to sell them all to one person if I can, but if you only need a certain number, let me know and maybe we can work something out. I live in Temple, but I drive to SA on a regular basis, so I'd be happy to bring them in and meet you. Please email me at Stephanie.Colestock@gmail.com if you're interested! Thanks :)

Re: Anyone need tall vases? I have 14 beautiful ones for sale!

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    Hi there, just wondering how tall the vases are and if you still have them. We are planning a wedding for July 3rd of this year. We are located in Hayward, CA. If you still have them,could you email us a better picture? Email to gypsyinca@comcast.net Thank you, Vera Arellano
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